Things to Know About Karaoke Rental

Written by Sean on Friday, 21 September, 2018
Tо havе a partу that iѕ trulу mеmоrablе, a karaоkе rental maу bе juѕt thе thing nееdеd tо rеallу gеt thingѕ gоing. Partу guеѕtѕ сan praсtiсе thеir ѕinging ѕkillѕ, and еithеr ѕоund gооd tо еvеrуоnе, оr if thеу arе a bit tunе сhallеngеd everyone can laugh about it. Lеt уоur guеѕtѕ сhannеl thеir innеr Еlviѕ оr Miсhaеl Jaсkѕоn bу ѕinging thеir famоuѕ tunеѕ, оr уоur оldеr guеѕtѕ maу wiѕh tо сhannеl Ѕinatra! Whatеvеr kind оf muѕiс уоur guеѕtѕ еnjоу, you can find it with a karaoke rental from Karaoke Rental Calgary. Renting a karaoke system may be right for you. Thеrе arе manу karaoke rental соmpaniеѕ in Calgary but we here at Karaoke Calgary really stand out with our amazing quality systems, delivery and wonderful song catalogue.

Some Important Things to Know When Renting a Karaoke System

karaoke-rental-singerHerе arе ѕeveral impоrtant thingѕ tо соnѕidеr when you are looking for a karaoke maсhinе fоr уоur partу. Оnе оf thе mоѕt impоrtant things you need to know is hоw еaѕу it is to get the karaoke rental system. Hiring a karaоkе rental maсhinе fоr уоur wеdding rесеptiоn but if you have to go pick it up on the same day you’re not going to have a good time! That is why we offer delivery for all of our systems and installation with our corporate and home systems, the home system is very easy to set up, you should be done in as little as 15 minutes. Free delivery is included to our delivery zone and the price goes progressively higher as you get further away. If you are technologically handicapped, then Karaoke Rental Calgary is perfect for you because our systems are extremely easy to use. Gone are the days of binders and CD’s, we use tablets with our own software. If you’re worried about your guests having a bit too much fun then you can purchase our damage waiver that covers you for any kind of accidental damage to the equipment. The cost is 10% of your rental.

What You Need Before Renting a Karaoke Machine?

We’ll need somewhere to set it up so make sure you’ve cleared a bit of space in your living room or office. If you want us to plug the karaoke system into a television or projector makes sure it’s ready. Don’t worry about cable, a HDMI cable is included with all deliveries. As well, make sure your home when we come for the delivery! But the most important part is to trust Karaoke Calgary and our service. We’ve done everything we can to give the best karaoke parties. All you need to do is sit back and have fun. Aftеr all, thе gоal оf rеnting a karaоkе maсhinе iѕ tо havе a partу that iѕ truly mеmоrablе. Guеѕtѕ will talk abоut уоur partу fоr уеarѕ tо соmе. Have a look at our karaoke booking page to get started!

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Renting a karaoke machine in Calgary

Written by Sean on Monday, 17 September, 2018
Thе wоrld оf karaoke machine rentals сan bе vеrу соmpliсatеd. Adding tо thе соnfuѕiоn iѕ thе faсt that thеrе arе ѕо manу diffеrеnt tуpеѕ оf karaoke machines in Calgary that you can rent. Thеу dо nоt all uѕе thе ѕamе tуpе оf еquipmеnt. Diffеrеnt maсhinеѕ havе diffеrеnt fеaturеѕ, and many dоn’t еvеn uѕе tablets like us but CD’s and song catalogs! So hоw dо уоu makе ѕеnѕе оf it all? Hеrе tо hеlp уоu iѕ Karaоkе maсhinеѕ 101 rental: evеrуthing yоu nееd tо knоw! Ѕо lеt’ѕ gеt ѕtartеd.

What You’ll Receive When You Rent a Karaoke Machine

Before you go off on your search for a Calgary karaoke rental company to rent from, you need to know what you’ll get when you rent a karaoke machine in Calgary. Here’s what you’ll receive when you rent a karaoke machine with us: karaoke machine calgary
  • Karaоkе Machine: This is what controls and plays all your karaoke songs. Think of it as a tiny computer. Don’t be confused with laptop systems we’re you have to sit at a laptop and scroll through 100,000 random songs. Our computer is behind the scenes, you won’t even know it’s there.
  • Sound Equipment: Speakers, microphones, all the cables. you need. This is what will allow you to sound like a superstar. Here at Karaoke Calgary we only rent out high-quality professional grade equipment. This means you will sound great and everyone in the room will hear you (for better or for worse!). Some karaoke machines in Calgary don’t come with speakers, so you’ll have to use your home stereo, be aware!
  • A Screen: This is where you will read the lyrics of the currently playing songs, all of our systems also allow using a TV screen using an included HDMI cable. We also rent out projectors or can help plug yours in.
  • Tablet: This is where we here at Karaoke Calgary really shine. Our tablet-based karaoke system are the best karaoke machines in Calgary. They allow you to easily find the perfect song to sing by search/filtering/sorting on our tablets. As you pick songs on the tablet, they are added to a queue and will play automatically on the screen.
  • Extras: If you really want to have a good time we have lots of lights you can rent to get a great atmosphere at your karaoke party. Our karaoke rentals also have the option of extra microphones, tablets and more.
karaoke machine calgary tabletSo that’s basically what you get when you rent a karaoke system from us. We’ve done a lot of hard work building the best karaoke rental systems to make sure you get the best karaoke party possible. Which is why we only rent out systems that use tablets to pick songs and only have high-quality audio equipment.

Anything More with a Karaoke Machine in Calgary rental?

We know how stressful it can be organizing a party that’s why all of our karaoke rentals included delivery and installation. Why waste your time driving around town when we can do it all for you? We’ll usually show up 2-3 hours before the party starts to make sure everything is all ready by the time the guests arrive. We’ll also spend some time showing you how everything works. If you think a karaoke machine Calgary rental is for you just click on this link to rent a karaoke machine and get a better idea of pricing and packages.
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Our Guarantee

Written by Sean on Monday, 7 April, 2014
If our system isn’t the best karaoke system you have ever used, we will gladly pay a rental with one of our competitors for your next karaoke party. Just make sure you don’t use our system for more than an hour or 15 songs. You must also call us the same night, you must use your free rental within 6 months and the maximum we can pay for a rental with one of our competitors is $150.
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What to Consider in Karaoke Machine Rentals

Written by Sean on Tuesday, 8 October, 2013

Karaoke Machine Rental in Calgarykaraoke machine rental is a great way to bring life to your party! Karaoke is becoming more and more popular with a larger number of bars and restaurants in the Greater Calgary Area offering karaoke nights than ever before! This extremely fun activity is an outstanding means to bring friends, family, and co-workers together! But karaoke in bars and restaurants can set you back a lot of money and you’ll have to share the night with a bunch of people you don’t know. In many cases karaoke machine rental is a much cheaper (and of course better!) option. But which type of karaoke machine to rent ? Consider the following tips when looking at Karaoke Machine Rental in Calgary:

The Quality of the Audio Equipment

Possibly the most important factor in the success of your karaoke party is the quality of the audio equipment that comes with your karaoke machine rental. First of all, you should never rent a karaoke machine that does not include speakers. Why? Because using your home speakers means you’ll get much lower quality sound and very likely, will damage your home speakers. A karaoke machine rental that does not include professional quality speakers must be avoided at all costs. Some come with speakers but they’re so small you won’t even hear yourself sing, like these little karaoke machines. All of the equipment rented out by Karaoke Rental Calgary is of high-quality, from the cables to the microphones to the speakers. You can’t sing great if you don’t sound great!

The Rental Price

Karaoke Machine Rental CalgaryMaking a wise decision when purchasing any type of electronics goods relies on one being willing to do some research. Different vendors will offer different prices for similar types of karaoke machine rentals. There are many machines on the market today and often price is a good indicator of quality. For rentals, it’s always important to look at the quality of the system you are getting. Lower quality components guarantee you’ll have less fun. You just can’t have a great party if you’re using low quality speakers and microphones.

What Types of Karaoke Machines are There?

There are many different formats for karaoke machines. Some use CD-G disks to play the karaoke music and display lyrics. The huge downside of CD-G’s is that they’re very easy to scratch and you’ll have to swap CD’s all night long. When a CD-G is scratched it either won’t play or will skip during a song. The last thing you want during a performance! Another type of karaoke machines uses a hard drive full of mp3s. These are commonly referred to as “laptop karaoke rentals”. These can be advantageous due to the large amount of songs they usually come with. These machines though are often more expensive but much easier (and funner to use). If you want your guests to have a great time then a karaoke machine rental with a digital library is the way to go! The convenience of not having to deal with a cumbersome quantity of discs and having a large library per-programmed in the machine means your guests can focus on one thing: singing!. Our systems meanwhile offer a digital catalogue that you can easily search through with a tablet, making song picking nearly as fun as singing!

Ready to book?

So you think a karaoke machine rental from Karaoke Calgary is the way to go for your party? Congratulations! Our karaoke machines will give you and your guest hours of entertainment and camaraderie! Booking a system is just as easy as using it, simply follow this link to rent a karaoke machine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Written by Sean on Tuesday, 24 September, 2013
Here are some of our most frequently asked questions What is the cost?

Rentals start as low as $229, and this includes all you need for a great party (speakers, microphones, music, screen, tablet songbooks). Depending on the type of event, number of guests and size of the venue, you may want to book one of our higher end systems, which include more microphones, higher quality components, a bigger screen, more tablets or more songs. All of our packages include free delivery and installation to most areas in Calgary.

How do I make a payment?

We accept credit cards through our website, simply click on “Book Now”. If you are a small business we can also invoice you.

How far ahead can I book?

We accept reservations up to one year in advance. It’s a good idea to book ahead for special events like Christmas, New Years, Wedding and Graduation parties.

How does delivery and installation work?

We take care of all of it! We offer Free delivery within a 30km radius of downtown Calgary (if you live further call or email!). We also take it all apart for you the same night or next day, whatever is best for you.

Do I have to swap CD’s all night long or leaf through binders?

No! Never again! All of our systems use iPad songbooks to pick songs that are all digitized and stored inside our Karaoke System. All you need to do is pick a song with the iPad and it starts playing, it’s as simple as that.

For how long can I rent it?

A rental is usually for one day, but we can rent it out for longer.

What exactly am I renting?

All you need to have a great time: High quality speakers, microphones, 9,000 songs, a screen to read the lyrics and an iPad to pick songs. We rent out top of the line machines that are only used for professionals and are specifically built for rentals. As well, if you feel like taking a break from Karaoke you can plug in any music device and listen to your music over the systems’ speakers.

What kind of music do you have?

We have music from all genres in French and English, including the latest hits you hear on the radio.

Why is Karaoke the best option for my party?

Because everybody loves singing, and we offer the BEST system in Calgary. It’s easy to use, has a ton of songs and will give you great sound, you’ll feel like a superstar!

What type of Parties is karaoke good for?

Karaoke is great for all types of parties. So far we’ve had birthdays, baby showers, baptisms, community events, corporate events, graduation parties, going away parties, Christmas parties, New Year’s parties, weddings and just plain old Karaoke Parties. As well, we’ve rented out our machines in restaurants, church basements, halls, offices, community centers, stores, homes, outdoor events, and more.

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